Joint de.NBI & DZIF training course on targeted and untargeted metagenome analysis

Date & Place

  • August 29–September 2, 2016
  • Bielefeld University, Room V0-133



The aim of this 5-day workshop will be to give students an overview of the tools and bioinformatics techniques available for the analysis of next generation sequence data from microbial communities.

The format will comprise a mixture of lectures and hands-on tutorials where students will process example data sets in real-time. After covering general aspects of sequence based analysis (e.g. data pre-processing, quality measurements, data filtering, and so on) the course is divided into two parts: untargeted (whole-genome shotgun; WGS) and targeted (16S rDNA operon gene amplicons) metagenome analysis.

The main aspects of the 16S part are the common pipeline steps beginning with pre-processing, OTU clustering, taxonomic classification, normalization, and different statistical measurements like rarefaction analysis. Problems and pitfalls as well as the correct usage of different specialized data bases will be discussed with the attendants in conclusion.

In the WGS part, advantages and disadvantages of whole metagenome sequencing will be illustrated. As WGS metagenomics has the potential to address the full spectra of genome-based issues, the focus here will be on taxonomic and functional analyses with the aid of different bioinformatic tools, with a special focus on binning methods to potentially recover near-complete genomes from metagenomes.

Students will also be encouraged to bring their own data for analysis.


There will be no participation fee, but travel and accommodation expenses need to be arranged and paid by the participants (please wait until our notification of acceptance). The deadline for the registration is August 10, 2016. Prerequisites:

  • basic knowledge in microbiology and NGS-based analysis
  • experience with a Linux command line recommended (but not required)

Please send your application to or (subject MG­course2016) including a short motivation, a few words about your background, whether you are DZIF member, your level of experience on the command line (linux/unix), and your experience within the field of metagenomic analysis and related bioinformatic tools. If you intend to bring your own data sets, please describe them briefly in addition.


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